At Muncie Alliance Church, who we are shapes and defines what we do. All of our opportunities for ministry have been birthed by the passions of those God has called to lead, and by the needs of the body. They are not established by a programmatic survey published by a Christian consulting firm; they are not developed from a template of successful church ministries—they have evolved directly from the hearts and gifts of the people of MAC. They are the fruit of the body of Christ working together.

The people of MAC have all been blessed with talents and passions that continue to shape our ministries. If you see an area of need or have a gift or passion you would like to use to further the ministries at MAC, please let us know! We’d love to plug you into one of our existing ministries or pray with you about starting something new.

We also believe that as the body of Christ, we are to commune together in a variety of settings. We encourage you to participate in one or more of the ministries we offer in order to plug into the church community in a more intimate way.